Licenses & Affiliations

Cota Financial is the mortgage brokerage trade name of Cota, Inc., a Texas corporation with foreign qualifications in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Oregon, and Washington.

Cota, Inc. · Cota Financial
NMLS: 1924598
     Main Office:
     1 World Trade Center
     8th Floor
     Long Beach, CA 90831

Mortgages are conducted/brokered under license in the following states (state-specific license number indicated where applicable):

Florida    MBR343      
Georgia    1924598      
Indiana    1924598 (SOS)      
   Texas Branch NMLS: 1924615

Branch Office:
805 Country Club Drive
Heath, TX 75032


Investment Loans (e.g. DSCR) are brokered in:

Alabama    Kansas    Oregon
Alaska    Kentucky    Pennsylvania
Arizona    Louisiana    Rhode Island
California    Maine    South Carolina
Colorada    Maryland    Tennessee
Connecticut    Massachusetts    Texas
Delaware    Mississippi    Virginia
Florida    Missouri    Washington
Georgia    New Hampshire    Washington D.C.
Hawaii    New Mexico    West Virginia
Indiana    Ohio    Wisconsin
Iowa      Oklahoma      Wyoming  


California loans conducted/brokered through:
Transparency Real Estate Services Inc.
     1 World Trade Center
     8th Floor
     Long Beach, CA 90831
     CA-DRE: 02182492 · NMLS: 2341035

Cota, Inc. is affiliated with/holds ownership in Transparency Real Estate Services Inc.

Cota, Inc. is affiliated with/holds full ownership of:
Cota Real Estate, Inc.

     7495 W Azure Drive, Suite 110
     Las Vegas, NV 89130
     NV-RED: 1002694

Cota Financial, Real Estate, Long Beach, CA     Sample Image